Project 5 - Smoke-Free Medical University

Background and significance

Smoking is a very important risk factor for health, acting on all systems and organs. The damaging effects of smoking are known for a long time. The perpetuation of this habit is maintained by the addictive nature of smoking. The fight against this plague is lead by the health professionals by giving advice and offering support in the patient’s attempt in quitting and maintaining the non smoker status.
One of the most important factor  in giving antismoking advice is credibility and for that the specialist offering it should not be a smoker. 
The first steps in creating nonsmoking medical specialists are ideally made in college as demonsatrated by the smoke free universities across the world. 

Project challenge

Finding the appropriate steps to implement a smoke free policy in the University of Medicine and pharmacy in Targu Mures and evaluate its efficacy. 


The smoke free universities across the world


Forming an antitobacco coalition with the university leadership and the students
Raising awareness in adverse effects of smoking, current legislation and quitting possibilities
Progressively restricting the smoking places in the university and campus grounds
Yearly evaluation of student’s awareness and smoking habit

Data collection

Smoking habits and attitudes towards smoking will be evaluated by census using a questioner derived from the GHPSS questioner with added questions to reflect the local student’s attitude towards the project.

Intervention content

Creating special smoking zones with information about the effects of smoking, and smoking cessation targeting the smokers
Enforcing the no smoking policy outside the designated area
Introduction of a tabacology course, to educate all students about the effects of smoking, and the cessation techniques, for personal use and to enable them to give adequate advice to their future patients.

Expected outcome 

Preventing non smoker students to become smokers
Helping smoker students to quitt smoking
Significantly reducing the number of smokersin the university of medicine
Becoming a truly smoke free university.

PPT Presentation

To download a PDF presentation about the project click here.